Thursday, 10 October 2019

[SOLVED] breadcrumbs in website error

October 10, 2019 4

Recent Google update late September 2019 have got so many websites and blogs into breadcrumbs on website issues.

One of the popular issues is the Invalid URL in field “id”, there are so many other issues like missing field id, breadcrumbsList error etc.
Most blogs running on BlogSpot platform didn’t get hit by this, whereas most websites and blogs running on other platforms got hit.

Were you hit by the breadcrumbs in website error?

If your answer is in affirmative, so is mine, I got hit too.
What led me to write this is that one of my blogs had this issue, and as I research to find a way to solve this, it happens that no one has written a post or guide on how to go about this. I believe this is because the error of “breadcrumbs in website” is a new one, even though Google has been advocating for rich text result on SERPs before now, this recent update brought it to bare that on Google console, the error will be indicated.

My blog is powered by WordPress, with Yoast SEO plugin I was able to enable breadcrumbs in my website. Yet, I was hit by the breadcrumbs error of Invalid URL in field “id”.

How I solved this breadcrumbs in website error

After some days of searching the internet including the Google Community and WordPress forum, I was still confused on how to get this issue resolved, then I remembered plugin, yes! Plugin.

I did a few researches, then settled for Schema and structured data for WP plugin. I’m not going to go deep on all the functions of this plugin but you can find it from their website. The only function I was interested in is the breadcrumbs in website error fixer #smiles.
If you’re using Yoast SEO plugin, disable the breadcrumbs in Yoast before you continue. That’s what I did in mine, even though it may work for you even if you don’t disable the Yoast breadcrumbs.

See: How To Write SEO Article

Steps in Solving breadcrumbs in website error for WordPress

  1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard, hover to plugin and click on “add new”. Type “schema” in the search box and the plugin shows up as shown below. Then install and activate.

2. After activating the Schema plugin, hover to “Structured Data” then click on “Settings”. Tick the BreadCrumbs box then click on “save settings”.

Viola! You’re good to go… But wait, you’ll have to resubmit all your URLs with that error on google console.

So, head over to Google console, go to the error page, click on ‘revalidate’. It takes many days (from my experience) for this process to be through.

As you can see from the image below, after 4 days the validation process is still in progress but looks good. Though testing with Live URL shows that the issue has been fixed.

See Also: 8 tips that will help you rank fast on Google first page

If you’re experiencing any breadcrumbs in website issue in a non-WordPress website, you can drop the details on the comment and the solution will be provided.

That’s it, don’t forget to share with your friends.

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Wednesday, 2 October 2019

8 tips that can help your new blog rank on Google fast

October 02, 2019 3

Did you just create a new blog or website, are you thinking of the best ways to rank on Google? Hey, look no further, I’m here to introduce you to just a few tips that will help your blog rank better on Google.


Ranking on Google’s Search Engine Page Results (SERPs) especially the first page is what every blog owner is striving for, or better put should be striving for. Of course, this will make it possible for your site to generate good organic traffic without spending money on paid ads.

To be able to rank on Google, one has to implement some strategies; even though I’ve seen people rank their sites easily without implementing any of these tactics. However, this may be due to their blog niche, domain authority (In a case where they buy expired domain with high DA), or some other things that may be beyond the scope of this article.


There are many other ways or methods for ranking on Google (both white hat and black hat), it is not limited to the ones listed below.
The tips I’m giving you here are purely white hats; still, they’re just a few of the white hat tactics you can use to rank your new blog. For the sake of those that may not know, white hat means following Google’s rule to rank your website, while black hat is vice versa. In plain words, the white hat is legal whereas black hat is illegal.
Find below the necessary tips you can apply on your new blog to rank on Google, before going for intermediate/advanced SEO practices.

1. Use short URLs

Research has shown that pages with short URLs rank on Google more than those with long URLs. This is possible only when every other thing remains equal.

2. Optimize your title tag not just for keyword, but for CTR as well

It is a well-known practice to include the target/focus keyword/keyphrase in the title tag, again, your title tag supposed to be optimized for Click-Through-Rate (CTR). CTR is the rate at which visitors click on your link on the SERP, the more CTR you get, the higher you rank on Google. So, you have to optimize your title to be appealing, such that one cannot help but click on your link on the SERP. Eg) “Top 10 Schools in Nigeria; number 6 will amaze you”.  

    3. To rank a page, make sure it contains at least 1,000 words

There are over a billion blogs/websites on the internet today, contents flying here and there. Google is no longer interested in content that cannot add value to people, they believe for content to have value; it should discuss deeply the content topic. 

For example, if you are writing on how to open a Facebook account, say you write… To open a Facebook account, visit the website, click on sing up and that is it. No!

You should be detailed like:

  • Visit,
  • Click on create an account,
  • Enter your name, e-mail, and mobile number in the spaces provided,
  • Then click the signup button.

This is just an example, be sure you support each step with its corresponding image for Facebook. Writing quality content increases your blog visitor’s session duration, which is also another metric that is used to calculate site ranking.

See: How To Write SEO Article

4. Use numbers in your title tag to boost CTR

Again, title tags with numbers get 36% more clicks than title tags without numbers according to research in a recent study. People seem to get attracted more when you use title tags like:
  • 10 ways to do yoga
  • 7 hot smartphones
  • Best 20 wristwatches

So, start using numbers in your title tags for your content.

    5. Build backlinks from high authority sites in your niche
This is one way you can get ranked on Google faster. When a URL (link) from your website is quoted in another web page, you’ve got a backlink. However, getting backlinks from low DA sites won’t help you rank on Google. But when high DA sites (let’s say DA: 40 and above) link to you, then you’re on your way to rank better on Google.

The question now is; how can you get these high DA sites link to you?
  • There are many ways to achieve that, one of these ways is by giving a well-deserved answer for a question on sites like Quora, in the process, you’ll put your link there. Mind you, you can get banned if your answer is obsolete or contain too much link from your site.
  • Write great content for big sites like Medium. Of course a link to your blog should be embedded in the content.
  • Search on Google for sites that accept guest posts, confirm their domain authority (You can use, then guest post for them if you are satisfied with their DA.
  • etc

    6. Invest 50% of your time in promoting your content

One of the fastest ways to gain traffic to your blog is by promoting your content. You can promote on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.), but be careful not to spam else you’ll be penalized.  

      7. Website speed
I’m sure you don’t like a slow loading website, me too. When your blog takes time to load, your visitor may end up leaving your site even before it can load fully. 

You should optimize your images if you have too many of them on your blog, you may need to hire a programmer to minify your codes if you’re not one. However, if you are using WordPress, you can easily do all these with plugins. You can check your blog speed using It will show you the time it takes your blog to load, and then give you hints on what to do to increase the speed of your blog.

8. Mobile friendly (Responsive)

Lastly, whatever you do, make sure your blog is mobile-friendly. You can check if your blog is mobile responsive using
Most people browse on-the-go using their mobile devices, as such we have more people accessing our websites/blogs using mobile devices. (See attached image)
For your blog to rank on Google, you must make it to be mobile responsive.


That’s what I have for you can rank a new blog on Google, if you can be religious with these tips; I see no way your blog won’t be ranking on Google.

Remember, you can still get there some other way, but this is a way that is tested and it’s working perfectly fine.

I hope this helps you with your SEO, now you can go out there and rank your way to the first page of Google SERP.

Ask any questions using the comment box, and I'll answer them ASAP.

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Monday, 30 September 2019

How To Write Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Article

September 30, 2019 7

SEO article image

So, I’ve seen many posts from people claiming they can write a search engine optimized article. Many times, I have contracted these persons only to find out that just a few of them can write good articles close to being search engine optimized, but a good number can’t even churn up a readable content not to talk of coming up with a search engine optimized article. I’m sure so many of them don’t know the full meaning of SEO, that’s by the way though.


The reason for writing this article out of my tight schedule is to help all writers/bloggers with the best practices of SEO. Ordinarily, some people will put up this info for sale as an eBook, but I’m sharing it to us without charge. 

To begin with, you should know that if you claim to be a writer, but you don't make use of Grammarly, then you need to stop writing ASAP! I have received so many annoying contents from writers that one will wonder if the content is written by a human. Many people don’t read the content they claimed they wrote, they just copy from different websites, put them together, move straight to the spinner tool, spin, and send to their client. If you do such a thing then I advise you to stop writing immediately or register for a course on content writing.
That been said, find below the list that needs to be ticked, all of it, for the article to be qualified as search engine optimized.

1. Outbound links: In simple words, outbound links are links from your content that directs to another webpage outside of your website. For example, if you’re writing an article for, you can link a person let’s say Seun Osewa profile on Wikipedia. In essence, when someone clicks on the name ‘Seun Osewa’, it will take them to Seun Osewa’s page on Wikipedia.

2. Internal links: Internal link is almost the same as outbound links. The only difference is that when someone clicks on ‘Seun Osewa’ (using the above example), it will take them to another page on the same website, nairaland.

3. Set a keyphrase: If you’ve heard of keyword, eventually, you should know what a keyphrase is. For your content to be search engine optimized, you should have a focused keyword or keyphrase. For this article, my focus keyphrase is “search engine optimized article”. I could have used Search engine optimization, but that would give me a 0.1% chance of ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). This is another broad topic on its own, so my take home from this point is, use a long-tail keyphrase, like four words.

4. Keyphrase length: Using longer focus keyphrases will automatically optimize your post for the long tail. The longer your keyphrase is, the fewer competitors you’ll have.

5. Keyphrase in the introduction: Whenever I receive an article from freelancers, the first thing I look at is if my focus keyphrase appeared in the first paragraph. With this alone, I qualify or disqualify you as a search engine optimized article writer.

6. Image alt attributes: If you are going to write a search engine optimized article, then you have at least one image in your article. Regardless of whether your client requests for it or not, to prove your worth, always add an image in your article and as well providing the alt attribute. The alt attribute is mainly used for image SEO. Hence, for a musician image attached in my post, I will an alt attribute “image of a musician-focus keyphrase”. If I have up to 10 images in my post, I’ll add the focus keyphrase in at least 4 of the 10 image attributes. Don’t add it in all of them, 40% is good practice

7. Text length: For your content to rank better on a search engine, then you should have a text length of above 1000 words. In as much as this may seem small or big, some people believe having up to 3000 words per article are the real deal.

8. SEO title width: Your SEO title width must be H1 if you are so hungry to rank better on Google. Most CMS like WordPress, SMF machines, blog platforms like blogger, have this automatically set. So, if your blog is running on any of these platforms, lucky you, you have nothing to worry about on this.

9. Keyphrase in subheading: If you can, have your keyphrase in up to 60% of your sub-headings. However, this is not as important as it can be overlooked. Yeah, whoever uses Yoast SEO can confirm this.

10. Keyphrase density: Your focus keyphrase should appear at least five times within your content, but that does not mean you should use them improperly.

11. Keyphrase distribution: While it is a good SEO practice to have a good number of your focus keyphrase in your content, packing them in one particular part of your content should be avoided. You should be able to spread your focus keyphrase evenly in your content.

12. Subheading distribution: A section of your content should not be longer than 300 words. Instead, separate them with sub-headings.

13. Transition words: Make use of transition words always. However, this should not be to the detriment of your content reading ease. You should have up to 40% or more of transition words in an article. For examples of transition keywords, check this thread

14. Reading Ease: Your content should be easy to read as well as flow naturally. Avoid using big grammars.

15. Passive voice: There should be at least less than 10% passive voice in your sentence. Writing in an active voice makes your writing much stronger.

16. Consecutive sentences: Avoid starting consecutive sentences with the same word.

17. Paragraph length: Your paragraphs should not be too long, make it as simple as possible.

18. Sentence length: Try and make your sentence as simple as possible, avoid using long sentences.

If you can abide by the above, your clients will always come back for more and you won’t be the one begging for writing jobs. Also, you’ll have your fixed price, as you now know your worth.

May I also state that search engine optimization is a dynamic one, make sure you study online to keep up with the latest practices.

Are you in need of a professional article writer? Contact us now! We will write quality content for you.

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Monday, 23 September 2019

10 Best Betting Sites in Nigeria

September 23, 2019 0

There are so many betting sites in Nigeria now, I think it is important for one to know the sites that are paying. Do know that this list does not mean that others are not genuine, this list is compiled by my past experience or that of close friends. Surely there must be other genuine platforms apart from these ones. Also, note that they are not arranged in order of importance.

One of the oldest around, even though they have on their website that they started operation in Nigeria as far back as August 2011, their domain was registered in May 2012. It then means either they were running on another domain before, or they have been operating offline before moving online in 2012. Surebet247 platform is easy to navigate through with clears user interface, transactions are automated like others, even though all of them still have the option of paying through bank. Click the below to create an account now if you don’t have one. Surebet247

2. Betway
One of the world's most popular websites around the globe, with presence in almost all continents, one of EPL sponsors, you can bet with me that this is a 99.99% trusted platform. Having been in operation since around 2006, Betway has gained global recognition and came into Nigeria market around 2018. You have a welcome bonus, many betting options available, though most other boast of that too. With a seamless transaction and well-organized platform, you’ll enjoy punting with Betway. If you don’t have an account yet, click below to register. betway

3. Bet9ja
Most popular betting platform in Nigeria. Bet9ja came into Nigeria market with many options better than its predecessors then took over the market. In as much as so many other betting platforms have sprung up within the past 5 years, bet9ja still remains the punters choice as they quickly implemented cash-out from shops which a competitor, Betking wanted to use to upturn him in the market. Finding out about the owners of these platforms is not actually part of this article, but bet9ja is heavily promoted by ex-super eagles and Monaco star, Victor Ikpeba.
Bet9ja has the option to cash-out online or in shops and have had so many won millions on their platform. One of their selling points is the easy user experience of their platform, so many bet options on a particular game, fast payout, easy to fund among so many others.

Super9ja: One of the promotional strategies of Bet9ja is the free weekend bet on super9ja. Once you’re a member and have played bet on the platform you’re qualified to participate. To win, you will have six games every weekend to predict their correct scores. For each correct score (10 points), correct result, even if the scoreline predicted is not correct (1point) you get some point. So, if you didn’t get the correct score, you may still win as much as ₦100k when you accumulate the highest point for the week. The prize varies, depending on the point. Some people have never won this since they started, like me .
With its domain name registered in April 2012, it means that bet9ja started operating from April 2012 or later. It’s hard to see a punter that doesn’t have a bet9ja account in Nigeria. In case you don't have, Click Here to register for an account now.

One of the bookies front runners in the country, Merrybet has been there since 2011, the domain was registered in March 2011. It means they started operations from March 2011 or later. Merrybet is one of the clearly designed bookie platforms I love so much, apart from that, I have made some cash punting with them. Account funding and withdrawal are seamless, easy and fast.
They once had a promotional strategy using, which have seen so many wins during it’s running days. They would later suspend it after 2016/2017 or thereabout, then integrated the colossus bet. Merrybet stands as one of the best platforms in the market today, if you don’t have an account with them, click below to register. Merrybet

5. Betfarm
Still in the league of new generation bookmarkers, betfarm is another bookmarker to look out for if you want a trusted platform. With a sweet nicely designed friendly user interface, punting with betfarm is easy and transactions work very well without stories. To receive 120% deposit bonus, Click here to open an account now.

6. Betking
Betking is an International bookmarker that extended their trade to Nigeria around late 2017 or early 2018 (I stand to be corrected) and was about taking over the market before bet9ja acted so quickly to avoid that. Betking introduced cash out in shops in the Nigerian market, also have bigger odds than most of the competitors, created huge awareness with one of the African best, ex super eagles and PSG playmaker Jay Jay. The wave with which they came in with nearly blew off every other bookmarker, but somehow, the other bookmarkers strived. Betking is a trusted platform, nice UI and deposit and withdrawal has been smooth since their inception. 

7. Nairabet
Nairabet happens to be among the oldest betting platform in Nigeria. With its domain registered in January 2019, though you should be aware that most of these platforms didn’t start immediately the domains were registered. I have to mention that nairabet is owned by Oloye Akin Alabi which is known by almost every punter, nairabet has stood the test of time even as the owner delved into politics successfully. I’ve gotten some cash here, and their platform, transactions are quite simple and fast. 

8. Sportybet
One of the new to the market with heavy adverts and promotion starring another ex-super eagles cum Arsenal legend, Nwankwo Kanu. Sportybet came into Nigeria almost the same time with Betking, even though the domain was registered in 2003. With a good platform and smooth transaction channels, Sportybet is one of the bookmarkers that is trustworthy. 

9. Accessbet
Yet again a new generation bookmarker #smiles (permit me to call them that name), accessbet has proven to be trustworthy and very genuine with the way to go. No bad complaints so far, and the platform is nice enough for punters. Founded in 2016, accessbet is one platform that I make use of whenever I wish to punt. Making deposit and withdrawal is automated just like others, you can deposit and start punting in a few minutes. 

10. 1960bet
To the best of my knowledge (I stand to be corrected though), 1960bet, nairabet, merrybet, Surebet247, and nairastake are the oldest betting online platforms in Nigeria. Amongst all of them, only Nairastake wasn’t captured here. With its domain registered in November 2010, 1960bet has proven its strength by keeping up with the trend in the midst of the new troop of bookmarkers in recent years.


This is another good platform you should look at; they are doing well.

Do well to check out this platform, they are doing well too.

That's it. Feel free to correct any mistakes or contribute using the comment box below.

Gambling can be addictive to some and affect their lives negatively. 
Online gaming can be an enjoyable experience when you take these measures to gamble in a responsible manner:

  •  Set limits on deposits
  •  Set limits on losses
  •  Set limits on game time

If you believe that you might be negatively addicted to gambling, please stay clear.

Online gaming is not meant for people under the age of 18.

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Thursday, 19 September 2019

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency and Forex Without Trading or Investing

September 19, 2019 0

Making money with cryptocurrency and Forex trading is one of the popular ways people use to make money these days. However, not everyone is good at trading and not everyone has the money to invest.

Are you interested in making money with Cryptocurrency and Forex but don’t have the capital to start? I have good news for you #smiles… Yes! You can make money with zero capital from those that are trading and investing. Really, how is that possible? Sit back and relax, grab a cold drink and read through as I carry you along this journey step by step.

Let me be clear here, this method is actually not new, but there are some well-thought-out tweaks I added to this method which made it the best thing to happen to me after sliced bread. #Laughs… I wish you could hear the pitch of my laughter over there… Yeah, I really laughed out loud. I will advise you to read through to the end of this post because it’s not just the norm you used to know about this method.

Now straight to the point, what’s this method I am talking about… It is the referral method. I can hear someone trying to hiss but calm down, but you hiss, read through to the end.

What is the Referral system?
This is same with affiliate marketing. I will not want to bore you with the definition and all whatnot, but if you really want to understand the meaning and how it works, you can read it up Here in my earlier post on this blog.

I will be give you 6 referral platforms to start with, you may be a registered member in all or some of them, if you’re not registered with any or some of them, I will advise you to register with them so you can get the best out of this.

I will list them and what type of platform they are, then go ahead and give a brief description of each after the list.

The List:

  1. Coinbase – (Crypto Exchange Platform, you can buy crypto here with Local Currency)
  2. Binance – (Most Popular Crypto Trading Platform)
  3. KuCoin – (Crypto Trading Platform)
  4. IqOption – (Crypto Trading, Forex Trading, and Binary Options Trading Platform)
  5. CoinPayments – (Cryptocurrency Payment gateway integration)
  6. ForexTime (FXTM) – (Forex Trading and Investing Platform) 


Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency wallet as well as crypto exchange platform is easy and fast to register. One beautiful thing about Coinbase is that once you register, get verified, you’ll have a series of 2mins video to watch, few quizzes and then get paid up to $130.

Yes, you heard me right. Click Here to register now on Coinbase and grab your own coins. Now that you’ve registered, click on ‘Earn crypto’ button on your dashboard, scroll down at the bottom click on ‘Affiliates’, sign up, get your referral link and write it down. 

That’s one of your money-making tools. When someone registers with your referral link and add $100 to his account, both of you earn $10 each. Your job here is to get as many referrals as possible (I will show you how to achieve that), then when they start adding money up to $100, you will be making a lot of money.


This is one of the places where the bag of money is stacked! If you don’t have a Binance account, click here to register now. Binance pays you a 20% commission for every trade/buy/sell carried out by your referrals. 

Hehehe… That’s a money bank. If you can refer just 20 active traders on Binance, then your road to financial freedom is crystal clear. Good news, you don’t need to wait for a second before getting approved here, register now and get your referral link ready for the next line of action.


KuCoin is not as popular as Binance but this is a great platform with so many good tidings to offer. Take advantage of its less popularity and register here now. Just like Binance, KuCoin provides you with your affiliate link immediately after registration.
KuCoin pays permanent 8 - 20% commission on every trade/buy/sell activity carried out by your referrals.


One of the best binary trading platforms, they also made it seamless to trade Cryptocurrencies and Forex. IqOption have two commissions option;
  • You can choose to go with 50% of the total profit made by all your referrals minus their loss. In this case, if you have 3 referrals, one made $50 profit while two lost $10 each. Total lost = $10 x 2 = $20. Total profit = $50 - $20 = $30. So, you’ll earn 50% of $30 which is $15.
  • But if you choose to go with 40% of the profit made by each of your referrals without subtracting the loss. Using the same values as above, you’ll earn only 40% of $50, which is $20. Click here to register now.

Bear in mind that the explanation above is just an example if you check it with different values the number one option may be better. So, during registration, you’ll make a choice between the two though you can always change to the other option later.
Registration takes just a few minutes, and you don’t need to wait for you to be approved. You’ll get your referral link immediately and then get to work.


CoinPayments is one of the best Cryptocurrency payment gateway around, for any merchant that would want to accept cryptocurrency payments on his website/store, CoinPayments integration makes that easy and seamless? They have a plugin for all popular e-commerce platform web cart like Shopify, OpenCart, WooCommerce, etc. 

Now for its referrers, CoinPayments pays a 25% commission of the transaction fees for each transaction carried out by your referrals for a period of 5 years. That’s awesome right… #smiles… Click here to register and get your referral link immediately.

ForexTime (FXTM)

FXTM pays you $25 or $50 one your referral deposits the minimum required amount on the type of account your referral chooses, and as well completes trading the activity of at least 3 standard slots for that account. 

This is a one-off payment and the maximum amount to be paid to a referrer is $10,000. This means that when you refer so many persons to the extent of getting paid up to $10,000, you won’t be eligible for more referrer commission at that stage even if more people register with your account. FXTM provides you with your referral link immediately after registration. Click Here To Register Now!

Bonus (Yeah, That’s my tradition)

Hantec Global

Hantec Global is an international Forex broker company, they offer a commission to introducers (IB Partners) on every trade their referrals make. There’s no limit to the number of referrals you must have, and your commission will keep coming forever as far as your referrals are making trades. 

Registration doesn’t take much time, though you’ll need to submit few documents for them to confirm your account for your withdrawals.


Now I have shown you how the platforms works, what they offer and links to get registered ASAP, without wasting time, let me show you how to drive traffic to these affiliates links.

Not to bore you with more contents, I compiled this in a one and half page FREE pdf downloadable eBook "How to drive traffic to Crypto Referral link". Click Here to download it.

If you will put everything written here in practice, believe me, you must surely make good cash a little time from now. The good thing about this is that you will not spend a dime in achieving this. You can start with a free Blogger or WordPress blog, then upgrade to a TLD domain when you’ve made some cash.

That’s it, START NOW!!!

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Wednesday, 18 September 2019


September 18, 2019 0

Recently, I have seen many questions of people asking how they can make money online through affiliate marketing and survey with zero investment. So many are of the belief that before anyone can make legit money online, he has to spend a whole lot. In as much as I can not write that off totally, believe me, there are thousands if not millions of ways to make money online without spending a dime.
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Saturday, 7 September 2019

Sarkodie ft. Mr. Eazi - Do you (Audio/Video)

September 07, 2019 0

Sarkodie teamed up with Mr. Eazi on this new love song titled “Do You”.

The duo has come under an accusation by renown American singer Ne-Yo, who said they stole his song (Chorus). Listening to the song you’ll find out that the lyrics was stolen for sure, and the rhyme somewhat, it will be a huge lost to Sarkodie mainly who owns the song should Ne-Yo decide to take legal action. We pray he don’t.

Download the Audio and video below, listen and enjoy.

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Yemi Alade ft Rick Ross-Oh my gosh (MP3)

September 07, 2019 0

Yemi Alade featured top American singer Rick Ross as she releases the remix version of one her songs “Oh my gosh”.

This is an awesome combination, and she delivered on this one yet again.

You should listen to this and enjoy the sweet collabo.

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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G Specs, Features and Price

September 04, 2019 0

One of the top mobile phone manufacturers in the world today has just released a 5G phone, “Samsung Galaxy A90 5G” which fits into the Galaxy A mid-rangers below the likes of Samsung S10 and Note 10.

Compared with some few devices

Most of the 5G phones we have seen before now has always been product variants at the top end of manufacturers' pallets like: OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G and so on.

Of recent, Samsung has launched into the market Galaxy A models, which concentrates on high-end features as the quad-camera systems and the flip-up camera mechanisms as part of a strategy to contest the aggressive competition from Chinese manufacturers like Tecno and Infinix phones.

Main features

The Galaxy A90 5G runs on Snapdragon 855 processor, with variant in RAM 6/8GB, and 128GB of internal memory. The screen is a 6.7-inch 1080p OLED panel with a small "Infinity U" notch, integrated with a fingerprint sensor.

Boasting of a triple camera system with a 48-megapixel primary sensor at the rear, an ultra-wide 8-megapixel camera and a 5-megapixel sensor for depth information. The front camera has a 32-megapixel self-timer camera.

To power all the above configurations is a powerful 4,500mAh battery capacity, which charges up to 25W, and can last for more than 4 days on a normal usage.

A 5G network is of course a one of the main features for almost all phone users, but the specifications can be compared the directly to some other affordable phones like: the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (also known as Redmi K20 Pro), at the end of it all, it’s the users that makes the choice of a particular phone to go with.

For more clarity on the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G features, see below detailed information.


Galaxy A90 5G
Release date
3rd September 2019
Form factor
Dimensions (mm)
164.80 x 76.40 x 8.40
Weight (g)
Battery capacity
Fast charging
Black, White

Screen size (inches)
1080x2400 pixels

Processor make
Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Internal storage
Expandable storage
Expandable storage type
Expandable storage up to (GB)

Rear camera
48-megapixel (f/2.0) +
5-megapixel (f/2.2) +
8-megapixel (f/2.2)
Front camera
32-megapixel (f/2.0)

Operating system
Android 9 Pie
One UI

Wi-Fi standards
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Yes, v 5.00
USB Type-C

Face unlock
Fingerprint sensor
Compass/ Magnetometer
Proximity sensor
Ambient light sensor

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