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Recently, I have seen many questions of people asking how they can make money online through affiliate marketing and survey with zero investment. So many are of the belief that before anyone can make legit money online, he has to spend a whole lot. In as much as I can not write that off totally, believe me, there are thousands if not millions of ways to make money online without spending a dime.
Do you really want to make money online with affiliate marketing and surveys without spending a dime? Then you have to abide by these rules below:
  • Read through this whole article. It’s not much, won’t last more than the first half of a football match.
  • Download all recommended eBooks (If there’s any). All of them are short and straight to the point, to add to that, they are 100% FREE!
  • Start as soon as possible. There’s no better time than now.
  • Set a goal, be determined and disciplined to achieve it.
  • Be patient. Should after one week you didn’t see the result, don’t ever give up, give in more time and sooner than later you’ll appreciate your effort.
  • Be focused. Don’t be distracted by some other things, choose a nice and give it all you can, when you start getting results, then scale up and try other things.
  • Be persistent. To me, this is the most important rule here, if you start today and tomorrow you give a break, return next tomorrow and go back to break of 5 days, believe you me, you’re likely not going to achieve anything with it. So, make sure you do something every day to achieve your goal.
If you can abide by the above rules, then you’re on your way to financial freedom.

First of all, I will start with affiliate marketing. For the sake of those that don’t know what affiliate marketing is, I will start from scratch. You can jump the introductory parts if you believe you know the basics.

What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a marketing model where business owners offer a percentage or a particular amount (Known as commission) to a person (known as referral or affiliate) that brought a customer to them when the customer makes a purchase or completes an offer or signs up on their website.

In other words, if Amazon pays 10% for every purchase you referred to them when a customer you referred makes a purchase of $100 worth of goods, Amazon pays you $10. Simple as that.

So, you don’t need to have products or even website/blog sometimes, once a company accepts you to promote their offers, you just need to copy your affiliate link, and send same to friends on social media or any other platforms. Once someone makes a purchase via your affiliate link, you earn a commission. Typically, this is commission-based marketing.

Who can apply for an affiliate marketing program?
Anyone that has Mobile phone or laptop, and can access the internet. Even though some offers are age-restricted, most times you must be up to 18 years to participate in such offers. When an offer is age-restricted, it will be specified in the registration form.

I don’t have a blog can I still join?
The answer is yes! In as much as more results will be recorded when you have a blog, you can still be an affiliate and make more money than those that have a blog when you’re more serious and determined than them. I will also advise you to set up a blog, you can set up free ones on Google Blogspot and WordPress.

What are the best affiliate programs to join?
There’re millions of affiliate programs scattered all over the internet, I will be giving a few lists of those I know converts well, you can as well make research for more.

    1. Amazon Associates

Amazon associates accept affiliates easily and affiliates can start promoting products immediately with their links or on their blogs irrespective of the niche they are blogging on. Amazon Associates pays up to 12% commission and their products sell easily and faster.

2. eBay Partner Network

With some restriction, eBay allows you to promote from the millions of products in their warehouse tailored to the niche of your blog, and get paid for each lead that converts into a sale.

3. AliExpress Affiliate Program

With millions of products in their shelf, AliExpress is open for anyone that wants to promote their products and get a commission for each sale. Their commission can get up to 50% per sale.

Fiverr pays you to drive traffic to their freelance website. There are so many services you can promote on Fiverr and can get as much as $150 for every first-time buyer, you refer.

5. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify has so many subscription types for their Shopify store, based on the type your referral signs upon, you can earn as much as 200% commission. There is much money to make on Shopify affiliate.

6. Clickbank Affiliate

So many countries are restricted here, Clickbank is one of the best affiliate programs around and they have thousands of products in different categories. Affiliates can get as high as 75% commission for each purchase made by those they referred to.

7. Jumia Affiliate Program

Mainly for some African countries, Jumia can accept you even without a website. You can share your link on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This is good for beginners before going international. Some categories pay up to 20% commission for each sale.

8. Konga Affiliate Program

Just like Jumia, Konga is mainly for some African countries, they accept affiliates without a website, they pay as much as 15% on each sale on a particular category though. It is designed for both beginners and professionals.

Payoneer is an online money processor just like PayPal, you can get paid a fixed $25 for each active referral you bring to them. Most online programs pay with Payoneer. They will send you a Debit card free and you can easily withdraw from any ATM or transfer money directly to your bank account.

These are some few affiliate programs you can quickly join and start earning immediately. Now let me list a few surveys paying sites.

You can make money in three ways with this alone, and it’s free to join. Works well with VPN.
  • This is a respondent a platform that pays you $20 for each person you referred to them.
  • Apart from the number one, you can take surveys an get paid as much as $300 per survey or the least $5 per survey. But mind you, you’ve to be in tier 1 country and as well a professional before you can get accepted for big money survey like the $300 survey.
  • When you join, you can apply to take a survey, after submitting your application, you’ll see a unique link you can use to promote that survey alone. When someone signs up with that link and completes the survey, you’ll earn a $50.

Vindale Research has so many surveys you can complete fast and earn some dollars daily by joining for free. You may need a VPN for a better experience. You also can get $5 for each person that joins the program via your link.

There are other numerous survey sites over there on the internet including Swagbucks, Inboxdollars, SurveySavvy, etc. With the few listed here, you’re sure of earning daily income if you are disciplined enough.


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