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Monday, 23 September 2019

10 Best Betting Sites in Nigeria

There are so many betting sites in Nigeria now, I think it is important for one to know the sites that are paying. Do know that this list does not mean that others are not genuine, this list is compiled by my past experience or that of close friends. Surely there must be other genuine platforms apart from these ones. Also, note that they are not arranged in order of importance.

One of the oldest around, even though they have on their website that they started operation in Nigeria as far back as August 2011, their domain was registered in May 2012. It then means either they were running on another domain before, or they have been operating offline before moving online in 2012. Surebet247 platform is easy to navigate through with clears user interface, transactions are automated like others, even though all of them still have the option of paying through bank. Click the below to create an account now if you don’t have one. Surebet247

2. Betway
One of the world's most popular websites around the globe, with presence in almost all continents, one of EPL sponsors, you can bet with me that this is a 99.99% trusted platform. Having been in operation since around 2006, Betway has gained global recognition and came into Nigeria market around 2018. You have a welcome bonus, many betting options available, though most other boast of that too. With a seamless transaction and well-organized platform, you’ll enjoy punting with Betway. If you don’t have an account yet, click below to register. betway

3. Bet9ja
Most popular betting platform in Nigeria. Bet9ja came into Nigeria market with many options better than its predecessors then took over the market. In as much as so many other betting platforms have sprung up within the past 5 years, bet9ja still remains the punters choice as they quickly implemented cash-out from shops which a competitor, Betking wanted to use to upturn him in the market. Finding out about the owners of these platforms is not actually part of this article, but bet9ja is heavily promoted by ex-super eagles and Monaco star, Victor Ikpeba.
Bet9ja has the option to cash-out online or in shops and have had so many won millions on their platform. One of their selling points is the easy user experience of their platform, so many bet options on a particular game, fast payout, easy to fund among so many others.

Super9ja: One of the promotional strategies of Bet9ja is the free weekend bet on super9ja. Once you’re a member and have played bet on the platform you’re qualified to participate. To win, you will have six games every weekend to predict their correct scores. For each correct score (10 points), correct result, even if the scoreline predicted is not correct (1point) you get some point. So, if you didn’t get the correct score, you may still win as much as ₦100k when you accumulate the highest point for the week. The prize varies, depending on the point. Some people have never won this since they started, like me .
With its domain name registered in April 2012, it means that bet9ja started operating from April 2012 or later. It’s hard to see a punter that doesn’t have a bet9ja account in Nigeria. In case you don't have, Click Here to register for an account now.

One of the bookies front runners in the country, Merrybet has been there since 2011, the domain was registered in March 2011. It means they started operations from March 2011 or later. Merrybet is one of the clearly designed bookie platforms I love so much, apart from that, I have made some cash punting with them. Account funding and withdrawal are seamless, easy and fast.
They once had a promotional strategy using merrybetpredict.com, which have seen so many wins during it’s running days. They would later suspend it after 2016/2017 or thereabout, then integrated the colossus bet. Merrybet stands as one of the best platforms in the market today, if you don’t have an account with them, click below to register. Merrybet

5. Betfarm
Still in the league of new generation bookmarkers, betfarm is another bookmarker to look out for if you want a trusted platform. With a sweet nicely designed friendly user interface, punting with betfarm is easy and transactions work very well without stories. To receive 120% deposit bonus, Click here to open an account now.

6. Betking
Betking is an International bookmarker that extended their trade to Nigeria around late 2017 or early 2018 (I stand to be corrected) and was about taking over the market before bet9ja acted so quickly to avoid that. Betking introduced cash out in shops in the Nigerian market, also have bigger odds than most of the competitors, created huge awareness with one of the African best, ex super eagles and PSG playmaker Jay Jay. The wave with which they came in with nearly blew off every other bookmarker, but somehow, the other bookmarkers strived. Betking is a trusted platform, nice UI and deposit and withdrawal has been smooth since their inception. 

7. Nairabet
Nairabet happens to be among the oldest betting platform in Nigeria. With its domain registered in January 2019, though you should be aware that most of these platforms didn’t start immediately the domains were registered. I have to mention that nairabet is owned by Oloye Akin Alabi which is known by almost every punter, nairabet has stood the test of time even as the owner delved into politics successfully. I’ve gotten some cash here, and their platform, transactions are quite simple and fast. 

8. Sportybet
One of the new to the market with heavy adverts and promotion starring another ex-super eagles cum Arsenal legend, Nwankwo Kanu. Sportybet came into Nigeria almost the same time with Betking, even though the domain was registered in 2003. With a good platform and smooth transaction channels, Sportybet is one of the bookmarkers that is trustworthy. 

9. Accessbet
Yet again a new generation bookmarker #smiles (permit me to call them that name), accessbet has proven to be trustworthy and very genuine with the way to go. No bad complaints so far, and the platform is nice enough for punters. Founded in 2016, accessbet is one platform that I make use of whenever I wish to punt. Making deposit and withdrawal is automated just like others, you can deposit and start punting in a few minutes. 

10. 1960bet
To the best of my knowledge (I stand to be corrected though), 1960bet, nairabet, merrybet, Surebet247, and nairastake are the oldest betting online platforms in Nigeria. Amongst all of them, only Nairastake wasn’t captured here. With its domain registered in November 2010, 1960bet has proven its strength by keeping up with the trend in the midst of the new troop of bookmarkers in recent years.


This is another good platform you should look at; they are doing well. Cloudbetng.com

Do well to check out this platform, they are doing well too. Blackbet.ng

That's it. Feel free to correct any mistakes or contribute using the comment box below.

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If you believe that you might be negatively addicted to gambling, please stay clear.

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