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Mini importation is a term given to importation of products from outside the country in small quantity. Importation business has been an elite business before now, and many people have not been benefiting from it because it requires huge capital to venture into it.
But these days, Technology have made it very possible that one can be an importer with a little amount of money, without physical outlet, yet makes a lot of cash importing and selling goods. With a smartphone or PC and a little cash with determination, anyone can become an importer. You just need to get the right information, plan well, focused, determined and be out for business to make it big.

 These days, many articles and e-books have done well to explain how to start mini importation business buying from many website like;,, ebay, Taobao, amazon etc. That notwithstanding, this article is tailored to purchasing from, how to find fast selling products, how to get free shipping products, how to market the products and make huge profit.

One thing that discourages many people from going into mini importation is the shipping cost. Imagine having have to buy some products @ #10,000 that requires #17,000 to move them down to Nigeria from China. Yes, that is how bad it is. To bridge this gap, the reasonable thing to do is to find free shipping products or sellers that attach small amount of shipping fee to their products.

Now let us go down to business. Since we are working with Alibaba, first thing to do is to create and account. If you do not have an account with you can CLICKHERE create one now.
Having successfully registered an account on Alibaba, next is to decide on a product to go for. Before you start searching for products, make sure you type the web address as follow (see below image), that way, you will be able to get goods at a wholesaler price, which is lower than what you will get if you just type

It is always advisable to go for lightweight products, this is because heavyweight products attracts huge shipping fee. Examples of products to go for; fancy foot wares, wristwatches, Jewries, fancy bags and make up kits. Remember we are talking about products you can get with #10,000, so you do not expect to see phones and laptops here.

Now that you have chosen a product to import, search for it and the results will display. Next is to filter out paid shipping products to view only free shipping products. To do this, thick the free shipping check box at the top-middle of the screen as seen on the image below. Now make a choice from the list available, if what your choice of product is not listed, reverse the filter and check the shipping fee, you must see a very low shipping fee from the list of all sellers that advertised the products you want to purchase.

Contact the seller and discuss further about the products, when you are satisfied, place your order. You can pay with VISA or MASTERCARD (Your ATM card). You will get an email about your order, and do login to your Alibaba account daily track your products. When you finally get the products, login and accept that you have received your order.

Finally, how can I sell the products purchased? It is easier to sell goods in this our era, facebook is a great tool to market your products. Even if you cannot run a sponsored ad on facebook, you can make use of so many buy/sell groups, your wall and other business related groups. Nevertheless, if you want to get the best, I advise you go for sponsored ad on facebook.
You can as well use classified websites like jiji. 

Whatsapp, Instagram are other good ways. In addition, of course one on one marketing should not be over looked.
I will have to stop here, for further clarifications, use the comment box. Thanks  

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